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A complete program that applies proven techniques from Dr. Laura Dabney’s psychiatry practice to help you find the intimacy and happiness you want in your life.

  • Find new, more constructive ways to handle your relationship issues
  • Learn ways to achieve mutual understanding with your partner
  • Develop a path for living the life you’d like to create for yourself
  • Free yourself from bickering, walking on eggshells and a sense of loss
  • Connect more deeply with your partner


A self-paced step-by-step online support system that has successfully transformed relationships of all kinds

PRIVATE. Work on your relationship in the privacy of your home or office, on your own schedule. You do not need your partner’s involvement. The Intimacy Now program is designed for individuals to work on their relationship independently, no matter the source of the problem.

SELF-PACED. You can take it as fast or as slow as you are want.

GUARANTEED SATISFACTION. You will begin learning how to make improvements in your relationship and yourself from the first lesson. After completing the program, we are confident you will have new insights and skills to create a happier life. We offer a full money-back guarantee. If you complete the program and it does not produce results for you, we will refund 100% of your purchase.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD, ANYWHERE. No matter where you are, you can begin working on your relationship right now. Just download the program and get started.


“This program has gotten me to think about my relationship in a totally different way. I had never thought about my argument patterns, for example, but now it makes sense. My relationship has taken on a completely new light since I began.” – DEAN


Video coaching brings Dr. Dabney’s expertise to your situation, wherever you are. Appointments begin with a 45-minute strategy session with Joelle Brant to identify your personal obstacles and set goals for your personalized coaching program. You’ll discuss the frequency and other specifics of your video coaching sessions that follow during this initial call. 

Through your video coaching, you may work on recognizing limiting obstacles that keep you from breaking through to an extraordinary relationship. This is a key aspect that makes Dr. Dabney’s program unique. Next, you may focus on repairing behavioral patterns to help you overcome obstacles and achieve positive change. These patterns will become habits you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life. After this phase, you will focus on practicing your new patterns. This is a time of celebration and reinforcement with Dr. Dabney as you take your relationship to another level.


First video session with Dr. Dabney associate $225


A direct email relationship with Dr. Laura Dabney provides one-on-one consultation to quickly address any specific issues you have. You can confide in Dr. Dabney, knowing that your information will always be held confidential. Correspond as often as you like, and get direct responses to your own specific questions with insights on ways to improve your relationship. 

Your emails with Dr. Dabney are unlimited and will be answered within 24 hours. Many people have found that an email relationship with a coach is much easier to manage than in-person coaching. You can share your thoughts, feelings and problems on your own schedule, when it suits you best. And you receive Dr. Dabney’s insights in writing to read and think about at your leisure. You will find that email coaching provides immediate attention to your relationship struggles, along with compassionate insightful new ways to move forward with your life plan.



Get a reduced fee for your first month of unlimited email coaching


3-month package of unlimited email coaching


6-month package of unlimited email coaching




Learn the real truths about emotional courage, mental weakness, and how to tell the difference. A 37-page downloadable pdf e-book by Dr. Laura Dabney.


Inside every man is the desire to be The Hero, to be the one gifted with the strength and courage to overcome the villains, the monsters and the evil. With it, he craves the one thing that trumps all else: the power over fear. 

What if I told you … you can be that hero? The path may not be what you think. You’re not embarking on a journey to feel less. Rather, you’re taking the steps to be brave enough to feel more, to face more, to let more in … to be the Strong Man.

In this E-book, we’ll:

  • Redefine courage and dispel misconceptions about bravery
  • Learn about Emotional Courage and the steps to develop it within yourself
  • Explore the benefits of Emotional Courage
  • Compare Mental Weakness to Emotional Courage and understand the differences
  • Examine the role “neediness” plays in your life
  • Take steps toward Emotional Liberation


Am I in a toxic relationship? If so, what can I do? How do I leave? This 20-page instructional guide will help


We know it’s hard. You’ve been there for them. You’ve loved them. You’ve given all you can. And still, you’re left drained, hopeless, lonely or even abused. You deserve more. And you can have more. It’s time to let go of the hurt and take back your life with this guide on how to spot and end toxic relationships.

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize the top behaviors or circumstances that lead to toxic relationships
  • Read and confirm red flags in your own relationship(s)
  • Identify “pink flags”, the serious, yet under control behaviors or circumstances that may lead to toxic relationships
  • Move on from toxic relationships
  • Recognize Dr. Dabney’s four red flags — the top behaviors or circumstances that lead to toxic relationships
  • Read and confirm red flags in your own relationship(s)
  • Identify pink flags — the serious, yet under control behaviors or circumstances that may lead to toxic relationships
  • Move on from toxic relationships


A step-by-step mini-course for building a happy relationship that lasts. This 47-page guide will help you to resume dating without being intimidated or overwhelmed, and help you avoid repeating the same mistakes.


There’s little more intimidating, overwhelming, or nerve-racking than dating after divorce. How do you know if you’re ready, if the right person is out there, or if you can avoid the issues you faced in marriage? 

Dating After Divorce has helped hundreds of men and women overcome their fears and develop skills to build the healthy relationships they desire. 

Dating After Divorce includes:

  •  A road map for today’s dating world — it has changed since you were “out there”
  • Preparation worksheets to help you identify deep desires, deal breakers, past mistakes, and map out an action plan
  • A three-step guide to “precision dating” to help you identify and avoid toxic relationships, ensure compatibility and establish a thriving relationship
  • FAQs to help you navigate issues related to children, exes and sex
  • “50 Ways to Identify Red Flags” a 20-page handbook to equip you in understanding how to end or avoid toxic relationships


We’ll explore ways that parents can achieve unity in perspective and approach. We’ll also talk about the most common struggles and warning signs that pop up in this crazy, wonderful journey we call parenting. Because we all love our kids, no matter the constant turbulence they bring, right?


Let’s be upfront about something—parenting is hard, and it’s easy to screw up. If you aren’t mindful of your parenting behaviors, if you aren’t listening to what your kids are actually communicating, you’re going to parent inappropriately. If you don’t set boundaries, you will experience chaos and overwhelm. And even if you have great boundaries, every parent feels overwhelmed (and angry and frustrated!) sometimes.

As parents, we always have good intentions. We want to be the best for our kids. Often our parenting shortcomings stem from our own lack of awareness of child development. If you understand child development, you can discipline and communicate appropriately at each stage.

A child’s behavior is a great indicator of how successful discipline has been or what discipline might be effective in the future. Consistency is important, as is paying close attention to what your child is saying in both words and actions. This is why it’s so critical that you co-parent from the same page in the playbook, whether you’re married, separated, or divorced.