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A self-paced step-by-step online support system created by a board certified doctor, that has successfully
transformed relationships of all kinds

The Intimacy Now program is truly the most cost effective and flexible way to create a breakthrough in your relationship or marriage. We guarantee you’ll learn unique techniques and gain insights that improve your relationship. All in the privacy of your home, on a timetable that suits you. 

Whether you are considering divorce, have lost trust with your partner, or just want to restore the intimacy you once had, the Intimacy Now program can shift the momentum in your relationship. You’ll learn how to maximize your potential for intimacy, connection and understanding with your partner, and create deeply fulfilling relationships that last.

Intimacy Now is designed to help people:

  • Determine whether their relationship is worth saving
  • Reconnect and find the intimacy they want
  • Break through and begin communicating again
  • Restore broken trust
  • Change even longstanding dysfunctional relationship patterns
  • Mend grievances even if you’re not at fault


Intimacy Now is the only online program created by a medical doctor who has been board certified in psychiatry.
Dr. Dabney has over 20 years’ experience helping thousands of men, women and couples create stronger, healthier relationships. Dr. Dabney’s psychiatric expertise has been featured on radio, podcasts, websites and in print media. She consults for a number of large institutions and has followers around the world.
“ When you’re genuinely happy, everything seems to fall into place. With happiness comes increased energy, gratitude, and creativity — which generates even more happiness. I can help you learn to tap into this cycle of positivity so that you experience a richer, more fulfilling life.” – DR. LAURA DABNEY
“ When you’re genuinely happy, everything seems to fall into place. With happiness comes increased energy, gratitude, and creativity — which generates even more happiness. I can help you learn to tap into this cycle of positivity so that you experience a richer, more fulfilling life.” – DR. LAURA DABNEY


  • Broken trust
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Lack of sexual intimacy
  • Lack of appreciation
  • Anger problems
  • Infidelity: both emotional and physical
  • Emotional neglect
  • Poor communication
  • Depression and withdrawal
  •  Financial conflicts
“The program is self paced, it’s easy to use, and it gave me the tools to have a strong, intimate relationship with my spouse.” –BRUCE CROOKS


from the ‘Intimacy Now’ program:

  • Marriage assessment survey
  • Six step-by-step video lessons
  • Expert articles, videos and podcasts that support the lessons
  • Self-guided exercises and a guidebook in which to practice what you’ve learned
  • A private library of additional content to answer your questions about creating intimacy


Dr. Dabney is available for one-on-one email coaching or video coaching to address your specific needs.
Or call or text 804-420-8003 now for immediate help.


Working alone is a very effective approach to a relationship problem.  Certainly much more effective than doing nothing!  By working on changing how you see problems, how you approach problems, and new ways to change destructive patterns, you are essentially changing the relationship and your partner is going to have to change as well. I liken this to a balance scale. If you alter one side of the scale, the other part of the system automatically changes, too.

We have many options available for immediate assistance. These include video sessions, email coaching and even in-person sessions.  Please call or text 804-420-8003 between 9:00 – 4:00 ET, and we will help you determine the best way for you to get help.

It's common for partners to not be on the same page about the need for counseling. If your partner is resistant, I advise letting them know up front that you have made an appointment for couples counseling and that you hope they will join you. This way, you are being open and welcoming, while avoiding the discussion about needing counseling. In my experience, most partners will join within the first few sessions. Generally, about 75% of my patients come in alone for couples counseling. It is possible to fix many relationship problems by yourself. The reason we developed Intimacy Now is because when one person changes their behavioral patterns, that alone can often save a marriage.

Every relationship is worth trying to save because it's in the "trying" that you learn whether one of you has what we refer to as a red flag or not. There are people who simply cannot engage in relationships effectively. Therefore, if you work on your approaches to the relationship problems, your partner should start changing in response, if they are healthy. If they continue to show concerning signs such as chronic mistrust for no reason, inability to care for themselves (such as self-harm), law breaking, inability to maintain gainful employment, or consistent lack of empathy and care for you; these are signs of a severely damaged person who may not be able to maintain a relationship with you no matter how hard you try.

In my experience, one does not suddenly stop loving their partner. A feeling of falling out of love typically signals that your relationship is in trouble. Something is wrong that needs your attention. Getting caught up on what exactly "love is" is a common way to avoid the problem that may seem scary or overwhelming. Turning your attention to how the relationship isn't working for you and working on effectively addressing that is a healthier pursuit.

You can't. But that's okay. If your partner isn't hearing you, then there are several other ways to get your thoughts and feelings across and understood. The key is not to focus on changing your partner but on changing your approach.

This is very common, but really it is just a way to avoid facing and understanding your role in the relationship problem. When you don't understand your relationship problems or how to fix them, it can be so overwhelming that simply getting a new partner appears easier. In reality, it's not easier to get a new partner. All partners have flaws. Learning how to deal with them now is a gift you can give your marriage and yourself.

So true! But if you look closely at these relationship gurus they are often not trained or educated on how to treat suffering people. I learned about the human mind, behavior and emotions in medical school, and I had four years of training on how to deal with psychiatric problems of all kinds. Then, in the course of my work as a relationship psychiatrist, I have helped thousands of relationships. It's this experience that gives me the confidence to know that these tools I set forth in the Intimacy Now program will help you as well. 

Relationship RX Program

Most people come to me with the idea that their partner is mostly at fault, but it's always true that both parties have a role in the marital problems. Either you are not effectively stopping a problem you’re causing, or you are not putting up boundaries against the problems your partner is causing. Learning how to do both of these is key to resolving most relationship problems.

There is no overnight fix to relationship problems. However, the Intimacy Now program gives you instant access to everything you need to begin the process today. The course is designed to take six weeks, but maintaining the new habits and insights you learn will take time and work beyond the course. The more effective time and effort you put into changing your relationship, the more benefit you'll see.   

I have put over 20 years of experience solving relationship problems into this course and have learned that success depends on a few common issues. I’m confident that if you complete the course, you will see marked improvement. However, if you complete the course and you do not see improvement in your relationship, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

I recommend spending six weeks on the course.  There is one module to work on per week.

The program is self-paced and designed for busy schedules. While we recommend working an hour a day on the program for six weeks, you can spread those hours out as needed. If you can only devote two hours a week to the program as opposed to seven, that's okay! 

Yes. Whenever you need assistance with the program there will be help for you. All contact information is provided in the program's dashboard.