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Relationship RX’s mission is to help people achieve the intimacy they want in their lives through online learning tools, online relationship coaching, and content developed by Dr. Laura Dabney specifically to improve troubled relationships.


Dr. Laura Dabney founded Relationship RX as a way to help individuals and couples anywhere in the world achieve the intimacy they want in their lives through online learning tools, online coaching, and content developed specifically to improve troubled relationships. Dr. Dabney has applied techniques from her private medical practice to create a learning experience that is effective and accessible. She continues to develop new offerings and content, available through Relationship RX, that combine her expertise as a board-certified psychiatrist with her first-hand knowledge of what works to make positive changes in relationships.


Intimacy Now

Intimacy Now is a self-paced program that applies proven techniques from Dr. Dabney’s psychiatric practice to help you find true intimacy and happiness in your life.

$ 49.00

Dating After Divorce

There’s little more intimidating, overwhelming, or nerve-racking than dating after divorce. Build a happy relationship that lasts with the Dating After Divorce course.

$ 195.00


This eBook explores the ways parents can achieve unity in perspective and approach. It also covers common struggles and warning signs that pop up throughout the parenting journey.

$ 9.00

Free Relationship Resources


The Relationship-RX podcast is your prescription for relationship pain points. Dr. Laura Dabney taps into her 20 years of experience to give listeners actionable advice and strategies to implement and create the relationship you deserve.


Dr. Laura Dabney covers a wide range of topics, from dating, sex, and intimacy to parenting and general emotional strength. Each article supplies readers with proven methods and strategies to implement into their relationships.

Intimacy Now Course

Are you constantly at odds with your partner?

Does the littlest thing set you off?

Do you worry your relationship will end if you cannot work past these problems?

Dr. Laura Dabney’s Intimacy Now program will help you find the intimacy and happiness you want in your life.

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