3 Tips on How to Deal with Heartbreak

Let’s talk about love. More specifically, how to get over a broken heart. What do you do if you’re heartbroken and how to deal with heartbreak? If you are someone who is wondering how to get over a breakup fast, the answer is there is no time limit. Instead of focusing on the timeframe, focus on the feelings.

Remember, when one relationship ends, it gives us an opportunity to create a new, better relationship.

What does heartbreak feel like? The two primary emotions are sadness and anger.

Being sad and angry when moving on from a broken heart may seem obvious, but for some people, it’s not. After a heartbreak, the anger and sadness may feel as though it’s lasting for too long, or the feelings are too much. Here’s the thing, there is no such thing as too much or too long when dealing with heartbreak.

When healing a broken heart, there are three crucial steps to take:

1. Question your Emotions

Instead of being concerned the sadness is lasting too long, be curious. Ask yourself questions such as, why am I sad? Why is this happening? Asking yourself these questions will help you figure out what’s going on within you.

Some people may not realize there are people who think being sad is wrong and end up burying it. A lot of people feel the same way about anger. Being sad and feeling angry is a normal part of breaking up, whether you instigated the break-up or not. Anger and sadness are normal, no timeframe or amount of feelings is right or wrong.

People who think anger and sadness are wrong will bury their emotions. Then guess what? The feelings stick around longer.

2. Speak Up About Your Feelings

If your sadness is sticking around, the goal is to help you bring it up and get it out. The goal is not to bury it and act as if it doesn’t exist. The best advice is to talk about it! Find someone you can trust and talk to them about your feelings.

If you talk to someone about your emotions and think they’re getting sick of hearing it- Here’s the thing, they’re a grownup and can tell you when they’re sick of hearing it. Do not assume that somebody doesn’t want to hear you; because they may be just fine with it.

If they do not want to hear it, find somebody else to talk to. Do not give up and take it as a sign that you’re too much. If you do not have anybody to talk to, and you are trying to learn how to get over someone you love deeply, this is a good time to consider therapy or coaching. Therapy and coaching are a great place to process and feel your emotions; which leads to healing.

3. Journal Your Feelings

Journal your feelings, I call this journaling with a purpose. Journaling is a great way to get the feelings up and out. If you’d rather not write, try recording yourself on your phone. Recording is helpful because you can hear it back. Hearing it back can help provide relief in dealing with heartbreak.

Take the time to feel the anger and sadness; it’s normal. When you set aside enough time to feel your emotions, the emotions will start to fade. 

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