3 Tips on How to Move on from a Crush


How do you get over a crush? Or more specifically, how to get over a guy? How to get over a girl? People tend to beat themselves up about a relationship that didn’t go the way they hoped it would. 

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Go easy on yourself! It’s important to realize there is something symbolic about the person that’s causing you to have these feelings, and you need to pay attention.

2. They are not Perfect

Understanding your crush isn’t perfect will help you. Often a clear understanding of this person may help you move on. Just because you haven’t got involved with them and you haven’t got to see their faults, doesn’t mean they don’t have them. They are human, and they are not perfect. It may help to understand they have flaws, just because you haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

3. Keep Your Distance

We’re all grownups, we can control ourselves, do whatever you have to do to stop seeing them. This seems very hard for some people to understand, they seem to think they can’t stop seeing their crush, they’re compelled.

It’s so important because seeing them is a painful stimulus to you, and by continuing to allow that in your life, you’re hurting yourself. It’s like having a splinter under your skin, and it’s getting infected, and you won’t have it removed because it’s from something meaningful to you. Instead, practice learning how to forget someone to help yourself move on.

It may be easy to think there will never be a chance if you stop seeing them, but that’s not true. They’re healthy adults, they’ll remember you, and if something changes in their life, they’ll find you. It is not a matter of, “If I stay in their life, I have a chance.” Or, “ If I get out of their life, I don’t have a chance.”

The point is to stop seeing them that way you get the pain out of your life. Cut them off some way by seeking help from a friend, a coach, or rearrange your schedule that way you don’t run into this person. Certainly don’t stay friends.

Unreturned love is something you can deal with and move on from if you follow these 3 simple tips.

If you are would like guidance on how to get over a crush, please reach out. Take the next step in your healing! Click here!

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